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    Thermostats and Your Safety – Dryer Maintenance

    Have you ever thought about how hot your dryer gets? Thermostats and thermal fuses are put in dryers for your safety and if you don’t maintain them, you could be putting yourself, your house, and your family at risk.

    Your dryer uses of a combination of heat and airflow to dry your clothes. The heat generated in your dryer is produced by a heating element controlled by a series of thermostats. If any of your dryer’s thermostats are defective, the results can be disastrous dryer repair pasadena.

    Safety Warning: Before performing any tests or repairs on your dryer disconnect the power source to eliminate the risk of electric shock. You can do this by unplugging the dryer, removing the related fuse from the fuse box, or flipping the appropriate switch on the breaker panel.

    A dryer thermostat is usually oval shaped and about an inch and a half in length. The thermostat contains a bimetal that opens and closes a pair of contacts depending on the temperature inside the dryer.

    The bimetal inside the thermostat is designed to bend at specific temperatures. When the bimetal bends, it pushes an actuator. The actuator then pushes on a contact, opening the electrical circuit and breaking the electrical connection to the related component. When the thermostat cools, the bimetal returns to its original shape and the contacts close, allowing the current to flow through the circuit.

    Here’s how it works: The dryer is turned on and heat begins to radiate from the heating element into the dryer’s drum. The air in the drum passes by a thermostat. As the thermostat reaches its maximum temperature, the bimetal bends, cutting the power to the heating element. The circuit stays open until the bimetal cools. Because the heating element isn’t providing additional heat, the dryer’s temperature gradually falls. The bimetal returns to its original shape and the electric current flows to start the heating element again. This process happens many times throughout your dryer’s cycle.

    There are at least two thermostats in your dryer: cycling (operating) thermostat and hi-limit safety)thermostat. The difference between these two thermostats is their opening and closing temperatures.

    The cycling thermostat is typically found in the path of the air leaving the drum. A cycling thermostat is usually found on the fan housing or just under the lint filter area, on the blower wheel housing or inside the venting/exhaust system.

    Some dryers may have as many as five thermostats – one for each of the different heat cycles. The temperature setting or cycle selected determines which thermostat is used to control the heat. If your dryer is malfunctioning on the low heat setting, the thermostat for that particular setting is probably defective.

    The thermostats for the high and medium temperature selections are not the problem. However, if the dryer isn’t working properly for most of the heat settings, it’s probably a problem with your vent rather than the thermostats.

    The hi-limit thermostat protects your dryer from overheating. This thermostat is usually found on the heating element, housing, or cage assembly. If the airflow in the dryer becomes obstructed by a plugged or improperly installed vent, bad drum seals, or a defective blower, the high-limit thermostat cuts power to the heating element. This means there are other problems with your dryer.

    In conjunction with thermostats, dryers use thermal fuses as a safety device. Some dryer models may have two thermal fuses to detect extreme heat. If the hi-limit thermostat fails to cut power to the heating element and the element gets too hot, the thermal fuse blows and cuts all power to the dryer. This could mean that a thermostat is defective or something is wrong with your venting duct, filters, seals, or blower. You cannot reset thermal fuses so once they blow they must be replaced. Get the proper replacement fuse for your model and replace the hi-limit thermostat as well. Never bypass a thermal fuse.

    Have a look at your dryer’s manual for the locations of its thermostats. It’s unusual for a dryer’s thermostat to continue operating at a different temperature than originally intended and the only way to test for this would be by checking the temperature of the exhaust. You can do this by placing a pocket thermometer inside the exhaust vent. This test is done with the dryer running, so be extremely careful.

    Checking continuity is another way to test your thermostat. There’s a wire leading to each of the thermostat’s terminals. The wires are connected by metal slip-on connectors. Label the wires before you remove them so that you’re able to correctly reconnect them later. To remove the wires use needle nose pliers to pull on the connectors – don’t pull on the wires themselves.

    Set your multimeter to the RX1 setting. With the thermostat at room temperature, touch one meter probe to one terminal and touch the other meter probe to the other terminal. You should receive a reading of zero. If a thermostat is tested when it’s heated to its limit, a reading of infinity should be produced. You should replace your thermostat if it fails either of these tests.

    The thermostat is attached to the dryer with two screws. Remove both screws and discard the faulty thermostat. Install a new thermostat, securing it in place with two screws. Reconnect the two wires, put your dryer back together, and restore power to the dryer. Run your dryer through a cycle to make sure it’s working properly.

    Protect your family and protect yourself – maintain your dryer regularly. But if you can’t do it yourself, make sure you contact a service technician to do it for you.

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    Repairing the Dishwasher by Your Own

    When you find out that there is something wrong with your dishwasher, you can try to repair it by yourself first. It is not too difficult to fix it if the problem is only minor. If you call for any repair service, the cost can be huge. Therefore, it is a great way to save your money. This article will give you some simple steps and tips that you can use to repair these minor problems.

    When you find that your dishwasher cannot do a clean washing kitchenaid dishwasher repair los angeles , the problem might be from the water supply. The first spot to check is the water shut-off valve that is commonly located below the sink. You need to check if the valve is already on. Other spot to check is the spray arm for clog. You can try to clean this part by unclogging it with your hand. After you finish, you need to check the temperature of water. To have an optimal washing, the water temperature cannot be less than 120 degree. Further to repair the machine, you can also use the dishwasher cleaner, such as Dishwasher magic, Glass Magic or Glisten. They are made from special formulation so that the cleaning process can be best.

    The drain system is another possible problem to occur. You can repair the machine with some tips. You need to check the air gap of your sink. To make sure that it works well, you can unclog it by unscrewing the cap and rinsing it well. After that, the drive belt of the pump is the next thing to check. If it is broken, you need to replace the belt. Moreover, you can also check the motor of the dishwasher. You can try to spin it with your hand first to test. If it does not spin, you need to replace it with the new one.

    Other common problem that you might find is that the machine does not function at all. You need to check the circuit breaker and plug if it is the case. If these two items seem to be fine, then you can check the selector switch, door switch and timer. If some of these items are broken, you can replace it by yourself. However, if you do not find any problem with these items, the problem must be from the internal parts. In many cases, you need to replace the wiring. Since it is no longer a minor problem, you need to call the expert to repair the machine.

    These are some tips that you can use to repair the dishwasher. It is easy and cheap. Good Luck!

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    How to Tell If You Need Appliance Repair Services for Your Refrigerator

    The refrigerator is a fixture in the modern kitchen, no matter what your lifestyle or the size of your household. Whether you cook every day or you just keep staples like milk and eggs on hand, having a functional refrigerator is a must. That’s why it’s so important to keep an eye out for any potential issues and to contact an appliance repair service when you first start noticing any problems with your fridge or freezer. By learning what common refrigerator failures to be on lookout for, you reduce your risk of losing money on spoiled food and costly repair or replacement work down the line. If you can address any problems while they’re still small, you’ll be able to get your kitchen back in working order with a minimum of hassle, cost, and difficulty whirlpool refrigerator repair los angeles.

    When it comes to your refrigerator, perhaps the most important element to keep an eye on is the temperature range. You don’t want the temperature to be too warm, or your food will spoil. You also, however, don’t want it to be too cold, or your food will freeze and possibly become inedible. A normal refrigerator temperature range is between 35 and 40 degrees F. If you notice that the temperature inside your fridge feels warmer or cooler than usual, you can check the temperature using an appliance thermometer. You can also simply observe if your food is spoiling before it should be, or if items (especially those on top shelves or at the back of the fridge) are freezing when they should not be. If you notice a change in either direction, contact a refrigerator repairs professional to take a look. Unless you have extensive fridge repair experience of your own, calling in a refrigerators repair expert is your best bet for prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment of a problem.

    In addition to insufficient cooling or inadvertent freezing, another fridge foible to keep an eye out for is water leaking around the fridge. This type of leak could have a number of different sources. Many fridges have a condensation tray underneath, which collects water that condenses inside the fridge and on the condenser coils. That collected water should evaporate in short order if all is going well. However, there may be a leak in the water line, or the evaporation process may be being impeded by dirt and dust buildup on your condenser coils. This could signal a minor problem or be a precursor to a more serious cooling issue. In either case, you should get it sorted out as soon as you can. If you are feeling intrepid, you can take the kickplate off the front bottom part of your refrigerator and try to check out the situation on your own. If you’re not sure about how everything works, though, or even what you’re looking for, you’ll want to call on your local appliance repairs firm. These professionals will have extensive refrigerator appliance repair know-how and will be able to determine the cause of the water leak in no time.

    If you are extremely well versed in refrigerator repair and maintenance, you can attempt to diagnose and treat issues such as fridge temperature variation and leaks on your own. In most cases, however, calling on an appliance repair professional is your best solution for ensuring the health and longevity of your refrigerator.


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    Complex Versus Simple Household Appliances

    Technology advances at an incredible pace and it’s therefore virtually impossible to keep up to speed with every aspect of technological life, whether it’s mobile phones, televisions, household appliances or cameras. And unless you’re willing to spend a fortune on these things on a monthly basis there’s absolutely no way of owning the latest gizmos and gadgets so what are the advantages and disadvantages to complex household appliances and their simple relations?

    Complex technology has the downfall of having a lot of different elements lg appliance repair pasadena, options, parts and components and therefore a lot of things that can go wrong but this is the risk we take when we demand so much from our household appliances. The rule tends to be that the more expensive an item, the better it is in terms of the quality of the job it does and the more options and functions it has and when we buy into these items, we accept the fact that when it goes wrong it will be potentially very expensive to replace and more expensive to repair than a simpler version or model.

    On the other side of the coin, a simple household appliance which offers one function and one function only may not be as fancy as a more complex version but you can almost guarantee that it was cheaper to manufacture and will therefore cheaper to buy. Based on the same theory, the less component parts that were needed in the manufacturing and design process should mean less expensive appliance repairs. The same can also be said for the recycling process when the appliance in question has reached the end of its life and is no longer cost effective to repair, the less component parts, the less taking apart will be necessary and the quicker and cheaper the recycling process will be.

    Complex household appliances will undoubtedly offer more to the user, with complex washing machines offering all sorts of different cycles, spin speeds, temperatures and so on, every programme you’d ever need to wash anything but a washing machine repair of this kind might well be more expensive. But does it matter? Really the more expensive ones should be built to last longer and a washing machine repair in this case is still highly likely to be a more cost effective option than a replacement, meaning you could end up spending less overall than if you had bought a simple washing machine that was cheaper but cost more to repair than it was probably worth.

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    Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning Unit

    Extreme weather conditions have lead to the emergence of temperature-manipulating technologies such as heaters and air conditioners. Nowadays, AC units come in various sizes and with numerous capabilities, but most of them are affordable to any household. Owning an air conditioner, however, does not end in just buying one. You have to be aware of proper maintenance efforts that the appliance requires to keep it working at its best and maximize its use.

    One of the most horrific fears an AC user could have is learning that his appliance has given up on him, worst of all, on a hot summer day. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep this phenomenon from happening:

    1) Familiarize yourself with the parts of your unit and their functions samsung appliance repair pasadena. Being aware of the parts allows you to personally check them and see that they’re working perfectly. It also lets you effectively conceptualize any malfunction that may occur and learn about home remedies or DIY maintenance efforts to keep these malfunctions from happening so you won’t always have to call for a technician.

    2) Learn about parts that need cleaning and regular replacement. Some parts of your AC unit may need to be replaced regularly, such as the filter. Dust accumulates fast in the filter which eventually secretes back to the environment and may cause respiratory complications. Before this actually happens, see to it that you replace the filter at least once a month to keep it from accumulating too much dust. It is also a must to clean your unit’s condenser and vents as frequently as possible, and check your ducts often to keep a look-out for leaks.

    3) Know when to call for an AC technician. No matter how much you know about maintenance and home remedies, there are still things that only a professional can do. Don’t risk the well-being of your unit just because you’re too stingy to pay for a technician, especially when you’re not entirely sure about what to do when a particular problem occurs. It also helps to have your unit checked at least once every month.

    4) Acknowledge the possibility of buying a replacement unit. An old air conditioning unit consumes greater energy than a new one, which means that aside from having to spend more money for its maintenance, it also makes your electric bill unnecessarily high. When you buy a new AC unit, choose the one with the longest warranty. This may turn out to cost more than the rest but it will save you a greater amount in the long run since air conditioners would usually have their first malfunction a week or a month after their warranty expires. While you’re at it, try buying an extension for your appliance’s warranty.

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    Refrigerator Repair – Common Problems

    There is nothing worse than having food spoil because it’s not kept cold enough. It can be frustrating to see good food go to waste knowing that all that money has just been essentially thrown away. You can’t help but stop and ask yourself is it the ice box or is it something more. Fresh fruits and vegetables don’t have an expiration date so you can’t be certain if it’s just not cold enough, or if they were on the verge of heading south just before you bought them. How do you know if refrigerator repair is necessary samsung refrigerator repair pasadena?

    Thankfully when it comes to determining if refrigerator repair is in your future it’s pretty simple. You can do some things to see what needs to be done. Check the thermostat to see what the setting is. On some models it’s easy for the dial to get bumped and set higher than you either intended or than it needs to be. In these cases simply turn the dial back to the proper setting and give the unit a couple of hours to adjust. If it still doesn’t feel cool enough then there is probably a larger problem. Also remember to give a new unit at least eight to twelve hours to fully cool off before putting food in it.

    Next thing on your refrigerator repair check list is the fan. This fan is normally located somewhere in the back of either the freezer compartment or the cooler compartment. Sometimes it can become loose and fall so that it is not spinning correctly. This is a simple solution and will only require you to have someone come and reattach the fan so that it spins freely. Sometime this fan burns out and must be replaced. Like all components it has a life span, so don’t be surprised if the motor dies eventually. This is a common part and you shouldn’t have to wait for days to get a new one.

    Of course that are much larger pieces that can go awry. Cooling coils, and other electronically components can burn out. This is especially true for areas that are not cleaned regularly and have a lot of dust build up on them. These are much costlier to replace and can often require delays while parts are being ordered. As your unit ages these may become problematic.

    If you are having problems keeping the unit cold then it is time to call a refrigerator repair expert. You should take a few minutes to thoroughly check out anyone you may call even though it is often an emergency when you have to make the decision.

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    Who Invented the First Washer?

    Centuries ago, sailors used to do their laundry using movement of their ship: they tied underwear to rope and thrown it overboard. Foam jet quickly washed away all the dirt from the fabric. Meanwhile, on the shore people used to rubbing clothes on the rocks, for greater efficiency by using sand as an abrasive. Thus was discovered the first component of the wash – a mechanical effect on the fabric kenmore washer repair altadena.

    As for the second component – the chemicals, a man discovered them a long time ago. The oldest soap was found during the archaeological excavations at the Sapo Hill in Rome. The third component – heat – was noticed to help to wash out even very dirty clothes.

    Thus by years observation people came to the main idea of simultaneous combination of three types of impact on the fabric needed for effective wash: mechanical, chemical and thermal.

    In 1851, the American James King patented the first washing machine with a rotating drum.

    By 1875 in America alone there were more than 2,000 patents on devices for washing. Not all ideas were viable and developed further. It is clear that, for example, that a washing machine that could wash only one item of clothing at a time had no prospects.

    Until the end of XIX century washing machines were mainly driven by muscle power of man or animal.

    Revolution in the development of washing machines happened with the invention an electric motor. One of the first washing machines with electric motor «Thor» was released in 1908 by «Hurley Machine Company» from Chicago. The inventor of the machine Alva Fisher made history as the creator of a new class of appliances.

    By 1920, in the U.S. more than 1300 (!) Companies produced washing machines. Some of them are long forgotten, others continue to grow and develop. One of these companies, whose glorious career began at the dawn of the twentieth century, is «Whirlpool Corporation». The very first washer was released by them in 1911.

    100 years from those days washers become inseparable part of our lives; we can’t live without them even a week and can’t imagine washing our clothing with our own hands. So it becomes really frustrating when washer at home stops working, fortunately, it is not always necessary to buy a new washing machine.

    Most of the time the best and most economic solution would be to call a professional washer repair service company and skilled and experienced technician can fix the problem promptly the same day.

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    How Is Commercial Appliance Repair Different From Residential Appliance Repair?

    It’s the same job to fix your home washing machine, dryer, or oven as to fix a restaurant oven or a laundromat washer and dryer-right? Wrong. While these appliances do basically the same thing, residential and commercial units often differ in key ways. Some appliance repair companies do fix both residential and commercial appliances, but not all technicians are licensed or qualified to do both.

    Appliances are expensive maytag washer repair pasadena, and having one break down can range from frustrating and inconvenient to, in the case of commercial units, a significant problem leading to a loss of income. It’s never a good idea to trust appliance repairs to someone who’s under-qualified. Do your research by visiting various companies’ Web sites and by asking over the phone if they have experience with your brand and model.

    Washer/Dryer Repair

    Your home washer and dryer probably clean a few loads a week. The units at a laundromat, on the other hand, are in near constant use throughout business hours. Commercial washing machines and clothes dryers are built to stand up to the strain of serious hard work. They’re utilitarian in terms of design, but may have more cleaning power than a smaller, sleeker residential unit. Additionally, commercial washing machines and dryers are generally either coin- or card-operated. Most technicians who are trained in commercial washer/dryer repair will know how to handle those malfunctions that are unique to commercial units, such as the coin system not working.

    Dishwasher Repair

    As with washer and dryer models, the biggest difference between residential and commercial dishwashers is the sheer volume of items being washed. You might run your dishwasher once every few days, but a restaurant needs a constant stream of clean dishes for diners to use throughout the day. Commercial dishwashers are often designed to complete the wash much quicker than a home unit, and to sterilize the dishes at a much higher heat. A dishwasher repair technician will need to understand the cleaning requirements in a commercial setting. Particularly for restaurants, you need an appliance repair pro who can make your dishwasher adhere to all health codes.

    Cooking Appliance Repair

    A huge amount of food goes through a restaurant kitchen, and commercial ovens, stovetops, and ranges have to be up to the challenge of preparing hundreds of meals a day. Like other commercial appliances, restaurant kitchen units are built for speed and volume, rather than style. They get hotter faster and are configured for efficiency rather than sleek home design. Many commercial ovens are not self-cleaning. Commercial kitchen appliances may also require more gas or electricity to function, so you’ll need to bring in a stove repair expert who knows the energy requirements for your unit. And, as with commercial dishwasher repair, you need an oven repair technician who can ensure that your unit meets all health codes.

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    Using Washing Machine Repairs to Save Cash

    A lot of people already understand the importance of their appliances in the home. They realise that without them, it would take a lot longer to get many of their household chores done. So with that in mind, a lot of people try to ensure that they have technologically advanced equipment in the home that hopefully will stand the test of time.

    The problem is though that a lot of these appliances will need consistent maintenance to ensure that they last. One of the most well-used appliances in the home is the washing machine. They need to withstand a lot of use on a daily basis to ensure that consumers have clean clothing ge washer repair pasadena.

    Washers are susceptible to wear and tear but a lot of people do not really realise that washing machine repairs could save them a lot of cash and that regular servicing could prevent simple problems occurring. The reality is that when a washing machine breaks down, most people will simply go straight to their local home retail store and buy a new one. But the same problem could arise with a new machine, which means they will be in the same position all over again.

    The thing is these days that good quality washers are certainly not cheap but on the plus side washer repairs in comparison are extremely cheap. The best thing a consumer could do would be to assess the cost of the repair in comparison to the cost of purchasing a new washing machine. Once they have these two figures, they can decide which option they would like to take and eventually have a fully functioning washing machine once again.

    Of course, the problem for a lot of people is that they are not technically minded. This means that when their machine does break, they probably do not know what is wrong with it. There are plenty of companies that specialise in washing machine repairs that will be able to tell what is wrong with the machine instantly. It is certainly worth employing one of these professional companies to come and assess the damage for the consumer, rather than the consumer trying to do it themselves.

    The great thing about employing these companies is that they are honest. They will not force a client to use their washing machine repairs services if they think they will not need them but instead will assess the cost of the repair and leave it down to the consumer. The majority of the time the quicker and cheaper option will be to have washing machine repaired by a local appliance repair engineer.

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    Is The Dryer Vent System In Your Home A Potential Time Bomb?

    A potential time bomb? My dryer vent system? You must be joking right? Not in the least! OK. I’m not talking about something that actually explodes but the reference to a time bomb is somewhat appropriate because it could potentially devastate your entire home without you even being aware that there is a problem, that is… until it’s too late! What exactly is this cause for so much alarm? CLOGGED DRYER VENTS! Something that most people never would suspect or even consider but in the worse case scenario can sometimes result in a house fire! The consumer product Safety Commission estimates that there are over 15,000 fires annually that occur in the U.S. alone as a result of dirty and clogged dryer vent systems lg dryer repair pasadena!

    Your dryer vent pipe plays a very important role in conducting the warm moist air from your dryer to the exiting point on the outside of your house, if this pipe becomes restricted then it can’t do its job which in turn will cause the heat and moisture to build up to a point where the lint could possibly ignite and start a fire. This is why it is imperative for every home owner to have their vent line and dryer cleaned by a professional at least once every 2 years as well as inspected. The majority of my own customers call me only after a problem develops, this is typically after a visit from an appliance repair man who in turn tells them that the vent is clogged. Just think how much money could have been saved! They will now have to pay both a repair man (unnecessarily) and a dryer vent cleaner.

    So how could a person determine whether there is truly a problem with their own vent system? Here are a few simple things to look for…

    1. Does your laundry take an excessive amount of time to dry? Two or three dryer cycles each load? If your dryer is heating up but still not drying your clothes then this is a tell tale sign that your dryer isn’t venting properly. Also clothes that are still damp and come out abnormally hot to touch.

    2. Is there lint build up around the outside vent cap? Does your outside vent flap open up when the dryer is running? Can you feel a good stream of air exiting? If not, this is another sign of a clogged or separated pipe.

    Having your vent system cleaned will give you and your family peace of mind safety wise but it will also save you a substantial amount of money every month on your utility bills! So now you can see the overall importance of good dryer vent maintenance. I invite you to stop by my web site for more enlightening information. Be safe and God bless!