New, Used, Or Rented Refrigerators?

As much as we would like them to, refrigerators don’t last forever. There inevitably comes a point in every household when your trained HVAC technician tells you that your refrigerator is not worth being repaired and must be scrapped. Since your HVAC technician is the one who has been through a program of extensive coursework and training in refrigeration technologies from a HVAC school to back up his or her recommendation, you trust the career professional’s opinion. So, what do you do when your refrigerator finally dies?

In order to make the best decision for your circumstance, you need a little training in refrigeration technologies as well. When you have to replace your refrigerator refrigerator repair los angeles, you have three options: Buy new, buy used, or rent. What do you do? How do you know which is the best option for you? All three options have their positive and negative aspects to consider.

Rent a Refrigerator

This seems like a good choice for a lot of people. You are not locked into the large expense of a new refrigerator. Another plus is that if something ever goes wrong, if any maintenance needs to be performed, you can make a phone call to have it fixed at no cost to you. One of the basic agreements for most rental equipment is that the renter does not have to pay for repairs or maintenance. If you never want to see a repair or maintenance bill, this is a great option for you. Like leasing a car, you end up with a monthly payment you know you will have and can factor into your monthly budget. A negative to renting, though, is that you will never have it paid off.

Buy a Used Refrigerator

Used refrigerators may look like a good choice because they have the lowest upfront cost of the three options. Someone may offer you a great deal on a used refrigerator and perhaps even offer to dispose of your old one for you. This is a tempting offer, but may not be your wisest decision. It can be very hard to tell if a used refrigerator is going to pay off or give you unexpected headaches. Potentially, you could end up spending more on repairs over the upcoming years than you did on the refrigerator’s initial cost. It’s hard to know if this will be the case for you ahead of time or not. The refrigeration circuit is embedded within the unit, and can’t really be evaluated without taking apart the whole refrigerator. If the compressor within that circuit is bad, it can be hard to tell if the refrigerator has a few months of life within it or a few years. This is an inherent risk to buying a used refrigerator.

If you do decide to purchase a used refrigerator, avoid buying one that has a pre-existing problem. Don’t think that making a simple repair is better than getting a model that doesn’t have a problem, but costs a little more. If there is a problem now, you can count on more problems later. Future problems could end up being more serious; in other words, more expensive for you in the long run. When purchasing a used refrigerator, make sure the door closes tightly, the gaskets are secure, and there is no damage to the walls and doors. Any kind of splitting in the walls could develop into cracks for cold air to seep out, resulting in inefficient use of energy. Inefficient energy use means additional expense for you in the form of higher electricity bills.

Buy a New Refrigerator

This may be the best, albeit most expensive, option for you. Buying a new refrigerator will be the highest cost upfront, but it will be years before you have to expect major repairs. If for some reason there is a defect in the model, your warranty will cover the cost of those repairs. However, once your warranty runs out, you will be responsible for covering the cost of any maintenance or repairs that your refrigerator may require. One of the best things about buying a new refrigerator though is that you have the flexibility to choose a style and model that best fits your home d├ęcor. You may not have as many choices in used or rented refrigerators.

Everyone has different needs and expectations when it comes to refrigerator maintenance and repair. If you are someone who wants to avoid repair costs at all price, then renting may be a good option for you. If you prefer to avoid the monthly payments of renting, have the latest in refrigerator technologies, and worry about repair costs when they happen, then purchasing a new refrigerator may be a better option for you. Buying a used refrigerator is always a risky move, but if you get lucky, it could be the best decision from an economic perspective.

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