Refrigerator Repair – Common Problems

There is nothing worse than having food spoil because it’s not kept cold enough. It can be frustrating to see good food go to waste knowing that all that money has just been essentially thrown away. You can’t help but stop and ask yourself is it the ice box or is it something more. Fresh fruits and vegetables don’t have an expiration date so you can’t be certain if it’s just not cold enough, or if they were on the verge of heading south just before you bought them. How do you know if refrigerator repair is necessary samsung refrigerator repair pasadena?

Thankfully when it comes to determining if refrigerator repair is in your future it’s pretty simple. You can do some things to see what needs to be done. Check the thermostat to see what the setting is. On some models it’s easy for the dial to get bumped and set higher than you either intended or than it needs to be. In these cases simply turn the dial back to the proper setting and give the unit a couple of hours to adjust. If it still doesn’t feel cool enough then there is probably a larger problem. Also remember to give a new unit at least eight to twelve hours to fully cool off before putting food in it.

Next thing on your refrigerator repair check list is the fan. This fan is normally located somewhere in the back of either the freezer compartment or the cooler compartment. Sometimes it can become loose and fall so that it is not spinning correctly. This is a simple solution and will only require you to have someone come and reattach the fan so that it spins freely. Sometime this fan burns out and must be replaced. Like all components it has a life span, so don’t be surprised if the motor dies eventually. This is a common part and you shouldn’t have to wait for days to get a new one.

Of course that are much larger pieces that can go awry. Cooling coils, and other electronically components can burn out. This is especially true for areas that are not cleaned regularly and have a lot of dust build up on them. These are much costlier to replace and can often require delays while parts are being ordered. As your unit ages these may become problematic.

If you are having problems keeping the unit cold then it is time to call a refrigerator repair expert. You should take a few minutes to thoroughly check out anyone you may call even though it is often an emergency when you have to make the decision.

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